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Updated July 30th, 2018



We're taking care of some personal biz, but we will be back this
Saturday, August 25th (final date change!), with tons of new titles and a bit of a revamp. It was originally to be a little earlier but we need just a little more time, apologies for the additional date change, but it'll be worth it! And, we'll also catch up on emails too, our apologies for not getting back to you sooner.And there will also be a great sale! Stay tuned 'till then!
(Custom 8-packs & 4-packs where you choose the discs)

ALSO! If you don't see what you are looking for, suggest any movie you can think of and we'll see if we can include it for you, as we also offer a "movie back-up" service. 
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NEW ORDERING INFO - see how to order below!


Here's how it all works: the 4-packs and 8-packs are a set price each (buy more and save), and you choose the discs to be included in your custom set. Just make note of your titles wanted (for example, eight movies or discs in an 8-pack) and send in your chosen titles via email, along with a request for a payment invoice. You can make payment via PPal, credit card or debit card. You choose any movies from the above categories at the top of each page.

DVDs are "MOD" or "made on demand/made to order" so anything on the site is 'in stock' at all times.

All shipping is done in new, unused sturdy ULINE boxes for safety, never bags.

The multi-cases hold two, four and eight DVDs and come sleeved with some movie poster artwork
(from your choices of movies).

JOIN THE EMAIL LIST for great offers, sales notices and more.
Email raremoviesworldwide@yahoo.com and request to be on the list!

Ordering from the USA:

1. Choose and make note of your chosen titles for every 4-pack or 8-pack. (Various pre-made sets have their own prices.) You'll have to tell us via email what titles you are ordering (there's way too many titles to set up a page for each), so a good place to make note of your titles is by starting an email to us, to the email of raremoviesworldwide@yahoo.com.

2. Request a payment invoice in the same email you send your titles. We'll send you an invoice where you can make payment via PPal, credit card, or debit card. (No one sees your info and you are protected as a buyer.) For example, if you would like to order two 8-packs, send in your 16 titles with an invoice request, and we'll send you the correct invoice.

3. You make payment, you'll receive an email acknowledging payment (within a day usually).

4. When we ship (usually within a week), you'll receive an email with your tracking link.

And that's it! These are the prices for our most popular items.

One 8-pack (8 DVDs) - $19.99 (plus $4.00 shipping and tracking)

Two 8-packs (16 DVDs) - $33.99 (plus $5.50 shipping and tracking)

Three 8-packs (24 DVDs) - $43.99 (plus $5.50 shipping and tracking)

Four 8-packs (32 DVDs) - $52.99 (plus $5.50 shipping and tracking)

(Larger orders please inquire)
One 4-pack (NEW!) (4 DVDs) - $14.99 (plus $4.00 shipping and tracking)

1200+ Classic Adult Films Collection (70s-80s-90s) on drive - $189.99 (info here)

Almost 6000 albums by the world's most popular artists on drive - $129.99 (info here)


(To order from out of the USA, please email for instructions with your country and what you would like to order. raremoviesworldwide@yahoo.com)

To order via snail mail, follow the above ordering instructions, but with a snail-mail request.
Over 1800 classic adult films from the 70s, 80s and 90s on a new external hard drive



Basic information, and The Rare Movies Worldwide pledge:
RARE MOVIES WORLDWIDE only sells public domain films that are not readily available in stores in DVD format at the given time, or are not being produced for DVD at the given time.

These titles are *not* meant to compete with store-bought titles. These films available on this website are for collectors of rare films.

NO REFUNDS for obvious reasons - all sales are final and this is understood before you place any order - so make sure you definitely want what you are paying for!! Although, any defective material will be replaced and any additional costs for you will be compensated by RARE MOVIES WORLDWIDE.

RARE MOVIES WORLDWIDE has been dealing in rare titles for a very long time, over 23 years, and will work with you on any problem that may arise. Although problems are very, very rare, RARE DVD WORLDWIDE will take care of it.

Yes, trades are welcomed - we trade 1-for-1 on rare titles (but no packaging is given with trades), and also accept 60s-70s Marvel, DC and Archie comics, various Godzilla items, old horror magazines (Creepy, Eerie, etc), Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars from the 60s and 70s, etc. Or if you want to suggest a trade for these items or if you have something you want to offer not mentioned, give an email and maybe we can trade. raremoviesworldwide@yahoo.com